Kamila Lewandowska comes from Poland and now lives in Cambridge, UK

Kamila is fascinated by digital and manual visual art, graphic novels and photography.


She is inspired by colour, as well as the beauty of the human body-especially the female form; by love, living, motherhood (Yes! That’s right!) and listening to stories (Boring? - maybe, but you wouldn't believe what weird and obscure stories are out there to discover!)

Every human being exists on many different levels. There is a place deep, deep down in our minds and hearts that we would never show in public. Kamila is trying to discover these elements and create her own vision of it.

Part of this drawings  also includes visuals intended for children, inspired by conversations with her son, and his constant requests for obscure stories: Mom! Can you tell me a story...! The one about a Smelly Fart who does not have any friends ...until...


How to contact her? Simply go to  - 

Instagram: @kamaroodaart 







             Thanks for looking :)

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